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1 Year English Curriculum- Ready Made Daily Lesson Plans

No prior English experience is required, just PRESS PLAY!

Little Reader English Curriculum



cdLittle Reader’s curriculum will guide your child from sight- reading single words, to sounding out groups of words, to reading complete stories. Your child will see 3,000 words* in more than 180 subject categories, supported by over 3,000 pictures, 6,600 sound files, and 460 videos!


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1. Flash Lessons

This lesson uses the flash method, which involves rapid flashing of words (or pictures) and takes advantage of a child’s right-brain ability to absorb large quantities of information rapidly. The lessons here are set to be auto-forwarded so you only need to let your students watch them. Typically, only nine words in total (three words from three Categories) are shown each time, although a different nine words are shown in Session 2.

2.  Multisensory Lessons

This method works by involving as many  senses as possible. The most important thing to remember here is to interact with your students as much as possible. Let your students not only see the word and hear the word, but also feel the word whenever appropriate.  If you can engage the sense of smell and taste too, then even better! The lessons are set to be manually forwarded (either by clicking on the mouse or pressing the space-bar), so take as much time as you need. Typically, six words from three Categories (eighteen words in total) are shown.

bookletTeaching with Little Reader Booklet

This booklet will help you understand how the system works and how the curriculum was created so you can make the most out of your Little Reader experience.

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