Scholarship Grants for Mexican Public Institutions

LLI- Mexico is happy to grant scholarships which provide BrillKids products, such as Little Reader, free of charge to such public  institutions and schools throughout  Mexico to the extent required by the institution. To apply or inquire about the *Little Reader  Scholarship Grant*, please contact us for more information. We ask that you provide as much  detail as possible about your institution.

LLI-Mexico is a local chapter of the Early Education for Every Child Foundation  in the USA. A micro-run,  grassroots community-based literacy initiative spearheaded by  Joy Koller, with its  regional office in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.   As a  new chapter of EEECF in Mexico, Joy Koller operates LLI beneficiary services on a volunteer basis one day a week. At this time, we are able to review applications from institutions located in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.   LLI-Mexico  seeks  strategic sponsors and community partnerships  with companies and local NGO’s  to assist with the challenges of LLI-Mexico long-term goals and sustainability of short-term ambitions.

It is LLI-Mexico’s hope to make a  difference by making innovative, early  literacy programs available to every child in need throughout Mexico.    With the establishment of LLI-Mexico local chapter in the Riviera Maya, Mexico we look forward to developing a stronger presence  within the State of Quintana Roo,  to enable us to share our expertise and early learning opportunities  to our community  and with children  that need it the most.

Scholarship Grants are for the * English  Little Reader Basic Kit * which includes:    Little Reader  12 month ready-made  software-based reading curriculum( total of 260  lessons divided into two semesters of 130 lessons),  PDF Lesson Plan Books and a Teacher’s Guide Book. Teachers can download specific resources directly from our website.  Please review our FAQ regarding the scholarship process.   YOU MUST HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET in order to activate the Little Reader software license.


 Vocabulary Development