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As a part of EEECF’s global Little Learner Initiative, LLI-Mexico is  happy to present  the” Little English Reader Learning System” Scholarship  Grant for English Language Learners.  Click here.

April, 2013:

Article published in the Reading Today magazine for members of the  International Reading Association.

Reading Today Magazine " Making Strides in Mexican Literacy Education"
April/May Edition2013 
December 5th, 2013:

The  President of the University of Quintana Roo, Campus Playa del Carmen thanks LLI-Mexico and  EEECF for our  kind contribution to their  student’s population.continue reading button

March, 2014: Keeping Kids in Schools (KKIS) Project in Playa del Carmen

kkis-logo-croppedKKIS will collaborate with LLI-Mexico to achieve common goals in giving children an opportunity to have an English education. Joy Koller, Project Director of LLI-Mexico, will work with KKIS to provide scholarship grants on a volunteer basis for the DIF school  in which KKIS presently runs their programs in Playa del Carmen.index

April, 2014:   EEECF Mexico Blog- Update on Projects in Mexico 
June,  2014:   DIF School – Progress Assessment Report
December,  2014: New Partnership with GVI

New-logo-and-GVI1Global Vision International, GVI- Mexico.

GVI and LLI-Mexico band together to provide an English education for Save The Children *Ludoteca* Center(s) in Playa del Carmen.   GVI Mexico  signed an  MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with LLI-Mexico  to help grow our literacy initiative in providing our most vulnerable  children in the state of Quintana Roo, a chance to an English education.  GVI Mexico has already started an English program  at the*Ludoteca* center, offering children hand made teacher created materials and lessons.  Starting in January 2015, GVI’s volunteers will begin to implement the *Little Reader* English software curriculum. Teacher volunteers will now have the opportunity to  observe children’s  learning outcomes of research-based reading instruction.

GVI signing MOU (2)
Cynthia Zendejas,GVI Mexico Programme Coordinator and Joy Koller, LLI-Mexico Project Director
  December, 2014:  DIF School update


Since March of this year, 36 – 50 students at the DIF school in Playa del Carmen have been engaged in learning English through the Little Reader English software program.

The program began with only 2 laptops supplied by KKIS (Keeping Kids in School), a local registered non-profit in Mexico.  It has since grown with the gift in October of 20 desktop computers donated by the municipal government and 20 license keys for the first and second semester of the Little Reader English software program donated by the Early Education for Every Child foundation (EEECF) based in the US,  through LLI-Mexico, the local representative for the EEECF, in Playa del Carmen.

The students work independently on the computers logging one lesson per day three days a week. Augmenting their on-line lessons, KKIS volunteers meet with the students twice a week in small groups to help them with pronunciation, vocabulary and conversation.  Working through the first semester curriculum, the majority of students have completed 10 – 15 lessons and are enjoying their newly acquired English vocabulary.

The number and continuity of the students in this school is highly variable and this combined with the late start of the full program has resulted in test scores that show ample room for improvement.  However, students now have the opportunity to complete a years worth of English lessons with the complete Little Read curriculum, offering them the chance to continue their English Language development throughout the academic year.

Having a complete curriculum, KKIS hopes to see continued engagement in the positive learning environment and will continue to inform LLI-Mexico and EEECF of progress and development periodically throughout the year.

 January, 2015:  GVI-Achievement Report

GVI logoObjective to assist GVI’s partner *Save the Children* to increase English Literacy through the implementation of a new English program developed in conjunction with the Mexico Literacy Project…index

 March, 2015 : GVI Volunteer Testimonial