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Mexico has one of the largest education systems in Latin America. Approximately 34.4 million students are enrolled at different levels.   Due to the  lack of sufficient resources, such as : money, books, computers , curriculum and internet  the Mexican public school system suffers from staff shortages and inadequate teacher training.

Only 2.6% of the population in Mexico speaks English. English is now the global language of business.  The low level of English taught in the public school system , lack of qualified English teachers and the expense of private language courses, presents  a continuous challenge for our most vulnerable children to learn an English education. Access to English training offers a competitive edge in today’s  global workforce.   The trajectory for academic and life success is established in the preschool and primary years, when children are developing new habits for learning and social development.  This is where children’s engagement in  learning a second language is so critical. Beginning foreign language instruction early sets the stage for students’ to develop advanced levels of proficiencies in one or more languages. Young learners have a natural curiosity about learning which is evident when they engage in learning a new language. Studies have shown repeatedly that foreign language learning increases critical thinking skills, creativity, and flexibility of mind in young children.

We Aim To:

  • Foster early learning  activities such as those relating to reading, math, music, creativity and  physical development
  • Help children and adults of all ages learn basic English
  • Enhance children’s  early oral language and cognitive development by stimulating their literacy and communication skills
  • Improve literacy learning ability and the experiences children  have with learning a  second language
  • Increase  exposure and contact with the English language by providing appropriate literacy tools and technology that enable people to improve their lives.



We give the gift of literacy to help develop the young child’s mind, starting with (but not limited to) the  English *Little Reader * software learning system curriculum. LLI-Mexico provides an innovative English literacy curriculum by BrillKids Inc., a privately-held company founded in 2008.  Brillkids designs, develops, manufactures and markets early learning products.




Mexico Literacy Project  aspires to make a difference in the Mexican public education sector  through our  scholarship grants and educational  services.  In doing so, we wish to instill all students  with a life-long enthusiasm for reading and to foster a love of learning English as a second language.