• If our program is already deemed eligible to receive a grant based on financial need, does this mean our request will automatically be fulfilled?

All grant applications are individually processed on a case-by-case, first-come first-serve basis, and requests may be approved in full, in part, as a pilot project, or not at all.

  • Is this a one-time grant program or can we re-apply for additional materials in the future?

Approved institutions are permitted to reapply using a streamlined application as needs arise, typically before the start of a new school year, provided they are in good standing with the Foundation. Once institutions receive a BrillKids premade curriculum from a grant program, they have the curriculum for life and may reuse the software in subsequent years.

  • How long does the grant process take and what is the process?

After submitting an application, expect to be notified within 14 work days.

1. Receive Institution’s application and documentation
2. LLI-Mexico reviews and processes all grant applications and submits to EEECF for approval.
3. LLI-Mexico sends approved institutions all the keys necessary to activate the program with a “Grant”approval along with Grant Conditions and Donation Form.
4. LLI-Mexico will assist with grant applications for institutions in need of support in fulfilling all required information for qualification. We will also assist approved Institutions with setting up the program once they received the online license with key personnel, if requested.

  • How can Little Reader be implemented in a classroom environment?

The Little Reader can be used in a variety of ways. Instructors can connect a desktop or laptop computer to a projector, thus enlarging the viewing screen to teach multiple students at one time. Instructors can also interact with students one-on-one or in small groups, using a standard desktop or laptop computer (speakers are suggested with laptop computers). All Little Reader files can be printed out on paper or card-stock to be used for manual presentations or matching games.

  • Are there any charges associated with the program?

Fees vary according to the individual grant offered to your Institution. Fully funded grants are 100% free of charge. Institutions that are for-profit or charge tuition for materials are not qualified for fully funded grants; however, there are options for partially subsidized grants, a substantial discount for schools with limited budget and resources. Partial subsided grants are determined on a case-by case basis and will be discussed in the initial review of the application process.  All funds that are received through LLI-MEXICO will go to the “Material Resource Fund”,  funds are not guaranteed.

Programmatic costs  and service charges will be negotiated with partners and individual organizations  for beneficiary services and activities related to and not limited to: administration of individual scholarship grants,  teacher consultations, product training, site- visits, activation of ” Little Reader”  support,  grant compliance(   photos & evidence of learning) and social media support.

  • Are there any grant fulfillment requirements to be aware of?

Grants are initially  given in the form of Little Reader Semester 1 and 2 curricula.  After using the program for approximately 60-90 days, recipients are asked to provide feedback regarding their experience to qualify for Semester 2 licenses key extensions. Typically feedback comes in the form of survey questions, letters, pictures, and videos. Survey questions are pending and  will be provided by the foundation.  Recipients are required to follow up with  LLI-MEXICO  two-three months from the date of activation of any BrillKids products. A confirmation form will be provided upon receipt of the program that will require signatures and date for feedback and testimonials for EEECF.

  •  How will Individual Sponsorship Kits be distributed?

LLI-Mexico distributes individual sponsorship kits via software CD or email download. For digital distribution, LLI-Mexico will send assign license keys digitally with instructions on how to download the program. Assistance will be provided on request with the initial activation and set up of programs. All recipients will need to create a free account with Brillkids and sign up to be a member on their webpage, before activating any of the Brillkids products.

  • Does the Little Reader software require internet access?

Little Reader requires a one-time online activation. Once the program has been activated, an internet connection is not required for use.

  • Whom do I contact for Little Reader Tech support?

Please visit: http://support.brillkids.com  to search the automated help desk or open a Support Ticket. Most support requests are addressed in 24 hours on weekdays and 72 hours on weekends, or contact LLI-Mexico  for additional support.

  •  How can I apply for an EEECF Scholarship grant through LLI-Mexico?

Please  fill in the contact form   in the  * Contact Us*  page.  Include   details about your school/ institution. We will respond within 48  hours.