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English in Mexico

READ MORE ABOUT ENGLISH IN MEXICO:  An examination of policy, perceptions and influencing factors HERE

Little Reader  Teaches English Phonics with Pattern Phonics™ Lessons

The curriculum  lays down a strong foundation for learning phonics with the Pattern Phonics™ lessons, making sure students  learn the essential skill of being able to sound out new words he/she has never seen before. The color-coding function that comes with Little Reader also helps students  start to see words in their constituent parts (such as in different syllables, or even broken up into consonants, vowels and blends).

Pattern Phonics™ lessons begin on the fifth week on Day 21.

Pattern Phonics™ lessons are used to give English language learners  an intuitive understanding of the sounds of letters and how words can be broken up into different parts. This is done by showing a series of words grouped together in a coherent way (for example, words beginning with ‘b’) and color-coding the words to make the patterns obvious. Lessons are delivered like Word Flash lessons – fast, and auto-forwarded.

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