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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Make a difference now. Make a difference forever.

The  Mexico Literacy Project campaign  * Little Learner Initiative (LLI)- Mexico*  seeks to establish strategic  partnerships with small businesses  and larger corporations worldwide and in Mexico.  We understand the importance of community and the role it plays in educating our children. We believe in forging strong relationships with organizations and institutions that will help us further our goal in providing  access to English literacy tools and scholarship grants  for children and schools  in need.  The support we  need to  obtain from the corporate sector, whether the support is in-kind or financial donations, is what will make action on the ground  possible.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

  • Change language: leave what some call “buenismo” and that translates into the phrase that says that “we must give back to society what society has given us.”
  • Change in the management model of CSR: investment in social projects should be done in the same way it invests in  Research and Development (R & D). That is, they investigate new applications for new niches in business, in the medium term, should become new growth engines for businesses; therefore,  the great challenge today is to make this process of dialogue form, i.e., with other: business, civil society, government, social enterprise, etc.
  • CSR is the voluntary actions that a corporation implements as it pursues its mission and fulfills its perceived obligations to stakeholders, including employees, communities,the environment and society as a whole.
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