Universidad de Quintana Roo

Universidad de Quintana Roo

The University of Quintana Roo is a public  institution committed to the solid skills of their students, who are placed at the forefront of growth in the region and the country and in a close relationship with society.  Their comprehensive educational model encourages and develops values, attitudes and skills that enables  their graduates to join the social and economic development in a competitive environment.

   252 students


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12 English classes from Basic to Intermediate-

Students practice their oral language skills with the  Little Reader Learning Software System. Students differentiate phonemes and participate in asking questions and answers through the Total Physical Response ( TPR)  strategy.

December 12, 2013

DSCN0713 ATT’N JOY KOLLER EDUCATION CONSULTANT PROJECT DIRECTOR  As a President of the University of Quintana Roo, Campus Playa del Carmen and on behalf of our students, I would like to thank the foundation EEECF for your kind contribution to our student’s population. Our students as well as their English teachers welcomed your English  Program,  Little… Continue reading.