Jardin de Ninos Jacinto Canek

IMG_6620Jarin de Ninos Jacinto Canek is a Mayan public kindergarten.  Learning English is fun and engaging with Little Reader.  Multi-sensory lessons are easier for children to absorb and retain new information, especially when several senses are stimulated. An advantage to this technique for our English language learner is that it teaches children the meanings of words, rather than just exposing them to how they are pronounced. Acting out words/ actions, repeating the word and matching the word to the object. Every one can *KICK* the ball.

44 students


We are very pleased with the achievements of our children. They are happy, looking forward to English class. Thank you.”

“Estamos muy contentas con los logros obtenidos con nuestros chicos. Están contentos, esperan con ansias la clase de inglés. Gracias.” Mrs Yuli