Casa de la Cultura, Coba

IMG_6651Professor Luis Manuel May Cú, oversees the Casa de la Cultura at the Mayan community center of Coba, in the county of Tulum, state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. The children practice different cultural activities such as plastic arts, pre-Hispanic music and folkloric dances. The goal of Casa de la Cultura is to provide an opportunity for the Mayan children of Coba a free space to interact with their own cultural roots. Also, at the same time they can get in touch with new cultures and practices brought by many tourists who visit the archeological site next to the community. One of many new things happening is the arrival of the English language because the Casa de la Cultura is a public area where children can come freely. Professor Luis Manuel believes this is a perfect place to offer basic English lessons to the children. They are the future of the community; they could find better jobs without leaving their families.

The program is a didactic way to learn English and it is very easy to use. Recently the students suggested to have an examination to see who among them had learned the most. This program has been a success! It is transforming the kids lifes for good. Thanks for your support. Greeting.”

Pues es una forma  muy didactica de aprender la ultumas vez los alumnos sugirieron tener una examen para que entre ellos vieran quien era el mejor todo ha sido un exito, a estos niños les esta cambiando la vida, saludos y gracias por su apoyo.”
Luis Manuel